BIRDING 101 ~ Saturday, August 5th, 2017 ~ NB: earlier start at 7:30 AM. Location TBA

Upcoming Events

  • BIRDING 101


    Location TBA. N.B. 7:30 AM start.

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  • BIRDING 101


    Location TBA.

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  • Northern Bobwhite in the South Texas Plains


    Speaker: Rachel Smith. Does Time Change Everything? The Northern Bobwhite has been an iconic gamebird for centuries across much of the eastern United States. They are an important indicator species for the health of native grassland areas. Unfortunately, these birds have been on the decline since the 1960s across much of their range. However, south Texas

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  • The Red-crowned Parrots in the Rio Grande Valley


    This month, Simon Kiacz will be presenting the program. More details to come.

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  • Breeding Behavior of the Ruff


    Leif Andersson will be presenting our final program of the year. More details to come later.

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  • Annual Meeting

  • Rio Grande Valley Field Trip


    We are considering organizing a 3-4 day trip if there is enough interest.  Probable dates would be between Dec 27th, 2017 and Jan 1st, 2018.

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